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Royal Brieley Hill Crystal Glass Works

JG Woodcock Construction has renovated Royal Brierly Hill Glass Works a grade 2 listed building. This iconic building has been transformed into 27 stylish flats and appartments.

The Royal Brierly Hill Crystal Glass Works lay empty for 15 years before a major redevelopment by JG Woodcock Construction.

Old factory floors and offices were redeveloped in to beautifully finished, contemporary homes. Keeping original period features to ensure the history of this building is kept for generations to come.

Former pulleys, which showcased the industrial power house, and period entrances now feature at the homes which were sold in under 12 months.

This development is a showcase of the 46 years of skills and craftsmanship within JG Woodcock Construction.

The development has been nominated for two civic awards, Sandwell and Dudley Mayors Award and a National Civic Award.

Have a look at the before and after gallery of this beautiful project.

Brierly Hill - Before

Brierly Hill - During

Brierly Hill - After

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